Monday, February 28, 2011

RSS Triathlon

WALT: Use add detail to our writing.
SC: use describing words
We were watching a triathlon for the seniors but one of the seniors were sick so Ben did it to replace the senior. Ben was as fast as a hare. We were trying to keep up with him. He didn't do the swimming because he didn't bring his togs. When he was doing it we went straight to him. It was as loud as an elephant. I was proud of him.
Written by Jacob

On Tuesday I did the RSS triathlon. It was awesome. I had lots of support. It felt fantastic. My class mates pushed me to the limit and after that I went like a streak of lightning. I felt better than before. It felt totally awesome.
Written by Ben

Published by Ebony

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mystery Black Box??????

Photo by Liam

Yesterday a big black container arrived at school. We are all wondering what is inside it.
Comment on what you think is inside and how you know? Can we be detectives or use our imagination?


We are learning to draw and read a graph. We wondered about the different sorts of lunchboxes we had in our class so we collected information about them using tally marks.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

logo maker -

Grace has achieved our class goal "to write our name correctly"and has moved up to a yellow dot in handwriting. Well done Grace!

Congratulations to: Katelyn, Maia S, Kate and Morgan for moving up the Wordpower Bean Stalk. Keep it up everyone.

We are sad about Christchurch

This morning we have spent some time talking about the earthquake in Christchurch. We all watched the news and had lots of questions about the pictures we saw. Here are some messages we have for the people down there:
We feel sorry for them, Zac
We hope there are no aftershocks, Georgia O
We hope you feel better soon, Hannah
I hope you're houses will get put back together, Ben

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I wonder what happened here?

We thought he could be:

in trouble because he scratched a hole in the curtains
worried because he did something naughty
he knocked over the fish bowl
he ate all the food in the kitchen and he wasnt supposed to

Buddy Challenge- Bookmarks

Today we meet with our Room 14 buddies and made bookmarks. First we planned and researched some designs we liked. Then we used all sorts of things to make them.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Trip to Willard Home

We went to Willard home today and shared some poems and books. We also took photos and took the ipod touches to share.
On his back is very smooth and it has little bumps and it is brown. It is a cicada.
By Zachary

Cicada Shells

The cicada is shiny. It is soft. It is hollow and dark. It looks like it has been polished.
By Cam

Outside maths

We made two graphs on the court. Can you guess what they are called? Do you know what is the most popular hair colour and eye colour in the All Stars?

ipod touches

What do you like to use on the ipod touches that helps your learning?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Apples from the apple tree

Joy, a teacher at our school, brought some apple crumble to school. It was sweet to eat. The apples came from our school orchid. It took them five years to grow. It was called apple crumble but it didn't have any crumble.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Buddy Class- Blindfolded Rope Challenge

On Friday we met up with our buddy class. Some of our buddies set up a challenge for us. We had to follow a rope bilndfolded with our buddies guding us. It was fun.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Describing Words for Nitro Circus

Last night Ebony went to the Nitro Circus Live show in Wellington. So did some of our families. Ebony showed us some clips from the show and we all talked about some describing words for these questions.
How would you feel if you were...
...riding the bikes? (we said... excited, nervous, happy, scared, absolutely awesome) the audience? (we said... scared, sad, not nice, happy, good)
...Jamie the volunteer from the audience that did a back flip? (we said... nervous, excited, freaked out)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Can you guess where we have been today?

"We went to the pool today and we splashed around a lot" said Hannah.
"We had heaps of fun at the pool" said Katelyn.
"It felt cold and warm a little bit" said Milania.
"I can do a backwards roll and a handstand in the pool" said Bella.
"I can swim on the bottom of the pool" said Grace.
"It felt cold at the start but when you started swimming it felt warm" said Georgia O.

Class Name

free glitter -
We are the All Stars because our Room number 11 looks like rugby posts. It is also the Rugby World Cup this year. So instead of the All Blacks we are the All Stars because we try to be the best at lots of different things.

Face Art with Carolyn

Carolyn showed us how to add detail to our face drawings. First we practiced. Then we did a good one we looked in the mirror for detail like freckles, eyelashes and different coloured hair. We wrote what we liked about our second picture. Come and visit our classroom Art Gallery to see them ALL up close.

How we get to school graph

WALT: create and read a graph.
Do you know which is the MOST popular way Room 11 All Stars come to school?