Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Katelyns Wordle

WALT: Type as many words as we can in 5 minutes

WALT: write how a character feels

The pirates crept up to the fence and then crept to the back of the house. But a Robot Security Mouse saw them coming and squeaked "Intruder Alert" Granny was worried. Milo rushed over to see robber but it was a pirate. Milo was extremely freaked out. He ran to his granny and said all about the pirates. Granny rushed inside and came out with her old army clothes and her gun and guarded the treasure and Milo guarded it too. Milo got a mouse trap and put it by the treasure. The pirates went to get the treasure and stepped in the mouse trap "Yowww!" The pirate ran away and Milo and granny lived happily ever after.
By Jacob

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Production Post

Can you name these famous NZers. You may see them appear in our performance

WALT: write a good beginning, middle and end

Once upon a time there was a dragon, a very scary dragon. But the dragon was scared of mice. One day there was a mouse walking past and the dragon was scared of mice. The dragon said hello to the mouse and the mouse said hello back to him. The dragon was friends with the mouse and the mouse and the dragon went to the playground and they lived happily ever after. The End
By Meihana.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Discovery TIme

WALT: be creative

WALT: type as many words as we can in five minutes

Here are two word clouds by Emma and Jennifer. They timed themselves typing as many words as they can in five minutes. Here they are...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

WALT: use and follow instructions

Today we made treasure maps for Maths. We had to use instructions like past, under, around and turn. Keep an eye out for some more maps coming soon.
Here is one made by Mitchell.

Spy Dog...Series 3- By Liam

Its another dangerous mission for Agent B and B again. The neighbour as usual asking for burgers but now he was asking for a banana. Maybe he just likes you said Agent Biscuit or he might have a girl friend with a last name called...bananas. Probably not "HES FAR TOO UGLY!" Ok Then he is obviously being hypnotised. "Hipnotised" they shouted together. Hey did you notice the really good looking head band said Agent Biscuit. "Boys don't wear headbands noodle, and plus it is not the time to be thinking of head bands". Lets go and check out the neighbours sheep said bananas. It is about time we sorted this sheep problem. "Ok" said Agent Biscuit. You can see them from here. He only lives beside us! Ooh yeah right said Bananas. I told you so. The sheep must have heaps of wool that slides off and goes onto peoples heads and mind controls them. Lets shave that sheep. It really needs a haircut. So they shaved and shaved and shaved the sheep until it was bare and chucked the wool in the bin so it couldn't get out.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Discovery Time!

WALT: use our imagination.
How did you use your imagination today?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Production Post...

What is your character in the production and what do you need to get organised????

More about Agent Biscuit and Agent Bananas

Agent Biscuit and Bananas...Series 2!

The agents were on a dangerous mission. They had to defeat the cow with exploding cow pats on their day off. They brought a motorbike and rifle for Agent Biscuit, an upgrade for their base and a guitar for Agent Biscuit cos he thinks he can play guitar. They went out to feed there cows a when they realised they were at the second to last one. The Last cow had red eyes and pooped. Agent Banana's went to pick up the poo when it exploded he flew across the sky and landed in a pit of normal cow pat. Then their neighbour came over and helped get agent bananas out of the cow pat and asked for a burger and Agent Bananas said NO! They were just gas bagging when Agent Biscuit found a Body-tricks in the place where the poo exploded. He clipped it onto his collar. The first thing he turned into was a cat. Then he went to see Agent Bananas. Agent Bananas said "Where is Agent B" Then his neighbor said "Can I have a burger?" Then both of them said NO! Bananas asked Biscuit "where did you learn to do that?". Biscuit explained that he found a Body Tricks and then they found the Cow with the exploding cow pats and put the poo in the bin. It was a bit tricky to catch and they got covered in poo. So they went home for a bath. Then the neighbour came in and asked " Can I have a bath?" and the Agents said NO!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Production Post

Here is our lastest work on Production Prep!
All Stars I am incredibly proud of how you all manage yourself, work with your buddy and show initiative with the many jobs we had to do...Well Done you are all awesome!
How have you managed yourself during production prep time?