Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reading Rocks!

Today Adrian came to school to talk about Reading. He was really funny. This is what we thought about the show:
The funniest part for me was when he dropped all the juggling balls and went cross eyed.
It was funny when he picked Sam because he said funny things to him and was pretending to have a fight with Darth vayda.
My favorite part was when he dropped the balls and he said that he had five balls but he actually had four.
I think the funniest part was when he was pretending to be in a cinema eating popcorn.
He came to tell us that reading was one of the best life skills you could have
It also helps you with your spelling
I like the funny bit when he said peeweee.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tuatara's Cloak

We read a story called Fifty-Five Feathers by Ben Brown and Heather Taylor. It is about a gecko who is cold and Pukeko helps to collect feathers from all the NZ native birds in the forest to make a cloak to keep him warm.
At Mt Bruce we learned about NZ birds and Tuatara so we made cloaks for the tuatara in our art.
Here they are.

WALT: use onomatopeia in our writing

Here is some onomatopeia words that we can use in our writing to make it interesting.
Onomatopeia on PhotoPeach

Destruction Building at DT

Monday, November 14, 2011

Athletics Training

Here is some of us practicing how to throw a javelin.
Which event do you like doing at athletics and why do you like that one?
There is Shotput, Javelin, Discus, Long Jump, High Jump, Hurdles and Relays.
Comment on what your favorite is.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

WALT: identify different NZ Native birds

We had cards to sort and match with clues about different birds. Some of the birds were hard to match. We decided we would like to find out more about Hawks, Starlings and Blackbirds.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

WALT: be careful writers

Well done Jacob. This is a huge improvement on making your writing tidy. I also like how you used the words "outside into the darkness". Great Job!
This is a great story Zac. I like how you have used tidy writing and made sure you have capital letters. Ka pai to mahi!
Grace, I like how you have made sure you were a careful writer with full stops, capital letters and basic words. Well done on a lovely tidy story!

Our World Cup Assembly

Red Hat: What did you enjoy?
Black Hat: What would you improve?
Green Hat: What could we have changed?