Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Korero Mai

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Thanks to Room 5 for helping us with our Te Reo Maori.

Triathlon Day!

Yellow Hat
I forgot my scooter so I had to run. I liked getting in front of the bikes because I am a fast runner- Abigail
I like swimming because we had to go on one side to the other- Calais  

Red Hat
I was proud of myself for coming in the top five- Jett
I was proud of not coming last- Zach
I felt a bit nervous when I was running but then when I was swimming it was a bit fun because I passed Mitchell-Jeffery  

Black Hat 
My bike chain feel off so I put it back on and kept trying-Liam
I didn't think the pool was going to be so dirty so I had to keep pushing the leaves out of the way-Zach
I didn't like the run because I had sore legs but I kept on going by breathing in and out- Sophie W  

Green Hat
Keep on going even if you hurt yourself-Rileigh-Kaye
Don't stop running, keep trying- Charlotte
Don't be to nervous. Just do your best- Lachlan
Make sure your helmets not twisted and it is ready to put on in a hurry- Thomas 
If you can't find your scooter go without it- Abigail
Wear your googles around your neck for the run and then you will be ready to swim-Zach
Keep your helmet on when you put your bike down and run. Don't wast time putting it away- Charlotte

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Meet the Teacher Follow up Information

Thanks to those who could make it along for a chat. I value the information that you could share about your child and look forward to getting to know them more as the year goes on. If you were unable to meet with me for any reason please feel free to make a time to catch up. Otherwise please return this form at your nearest convienience by filling out the copy your child has brought home or the copy here. You are welcome to email me this information if you would prefer.

Rays Road Show!

Today we had a visit from Ray. He has a puppet show. He was really funny. The show was about Rules and how they are cool.
What was you favourite part of the show?

Triathlon on Thursday

For the year 3's in our class Thursday is the big day for the Triathlon. Please make sure you are ready on the day with the following...
  • Towel/swim wear 
  • bike/scooter (if you do not have this you can run this section) 
  • warm top to wait in at the end 
  • dry clothes for the rest of the day 
  • water bottle 
  • Shoes are optional as the swim is in the middle of the course. 

The triathlon will begin as soon after 9am as possible. Please ensure that you park your bike on the front courts in the correct year group section as soon as you arrive at school.

 Our Year 2's will be joining another class for the morning and helping cheer home all the racers. Please see Ebony for any more details or queries about the day.

Here is a picture of the course...

Monday, February 27, 2012

Poem of the Week

Well done to Sophie for being nominated for POem of the week. We liked your illustrations and neat handwriting.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Buddy Class Buddies

We are getting to know our Rm 14 buddies by creating a comic life about each others likes and dislikes. Some of us like the same things! We used Be funky to create an interesting photo of ourselves. Watch this space to see the finished comics.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Power Free Day- Weekly Reflections

Today we had no power at school as we get our school electrical and internet cables upgraded. We talked about how different it would be without power. Here is some of our reflections from our day.

There was no power so we couldn't print out our poem so we had to write it by ourselves- Ella and Aria
When I did the first sentence I did the second one the same because I copied it wrong- Kylie
It took us heaps of time- Tane
We were trying to not go sideways when we wrote. It was hard- Ella
There was no computers so we couldn’t go on the blog- Tane
I found it hard to get finished- Sophie
4 people said they would like to copy their poem again. Everyone else agreed it was easier to get a photocopied copy to illustrate.

We talked about what it was like for our parents and grandparents at school. What was it like for you?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Show me- Number Poem

By Kylie and Atlanta
Created with "Show me" on the ipad.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Catch Me if you Can- Sports with Shar

Catch me if you can is a program that is all about sport. Today we did lots of running. We were really hot and sweaty and tired at the end. Most of the class felt like they couldn't run anymore. It was really fun playing follow the leader anywhere around the courts and on the line. We had to run then walk and run again trying to stay in line with the others.We had lots of fun playing with Shar.
By The Digi-nauts

Sunday, February 19, 2012

WALT: count backwards from 100

Today Jayde created a huge number line bigger than 100. In maths, WALT: count backwards. Can you count fast backwards from 63?

Swimming Goals

Photo taken by Calais

Our second time in the pool was really warm, even though it was cold outside. I wonder why that is? Some of the goals we are working on is:

Gliding on our back
Gliding on our front

Which one did you think was easier? Do you think you need to improve on this and how do you know? What would you like to work on next?

Meet the Teacher

There are still a few spaces left to come and Meet the teacher on Tuesday afternoon. We will be having a chat about your childs like and dislikes and any other things that might help them with their time at school. Follow the link to book one of the remaining appointments or see Ebony in the morning to book a time.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Our Class Weekly Reflection

This week I am proud of:
I am proud of how me and Sophie did the background and we decided together on everything-Abigail
I am proud of learning how to do freestyle in the pool-Sophie B
I'm most proud of today because I did a very good drawing for my tally marks- George
I'm proud of that I glided to the other side of the pool.

Things I would like to do better next time:
I would like to try harder on my wordpower because my line (in my line graph) is going down- Tane
I would like to change doing my tally marks all the same colour so that you can read it better-Calais
I would like to do better at wordpower and beat 80- Thomas

Poem of the Week!

This week we learned a poem to help us write our number correctly. We chose two illustrators to share the poem on the blog. Well done Kylie and Liam.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Day in the Pool!

Today was our first day in the pool. This is a photo of our wet hair at the end. I was proud of you all for showing me what you can do.
WALT: float on our back, glide in the water like superman and do free style with our arms.
Keep practicing your goals Digi-nauts. We will be going to the pool every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday so remember your swimming things!

Week 3: Discovery Time

I am most proud of helping Shannon make popcorn- Lachlan
I am most proud of helping Thomas and Zach put the rubbish material in the skip bin. It stinks of rotten avocado and rotton eggs- George, Thomas and Zach
I a most proud of making a big ball with moon dough- Matthew
I liked making the giant cake with moon dough- Sophie B
I liked making the snowman- Charlie
I am proud of making my valentines box- Atlanta

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Handwriting Picks of the Week!

Check out our handwriting. We all couldn't decide on one so we had to put both on the blog this week. Lachlan had great handwriting overall but realized he needed to check his sentence. Vincent has made a huge improvement since we first started handwriting and he thinks he needs to practice 'd' more. They both achieved the WALT: write our numbers correctly. Well done to you both!

The Pool is open!!!

Yay, the pool is all fixed and ready to go.

Our Swimming Days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Our first day in the pool will be tomorrow afternoon. So bring your togs and towel in a bag. Please make sure everything is named so that we don't have any lost property!
Today it was valentines day. Abigail in our class is from America. She shared with us some of the things they do on valentines day in her old school. Valentines Day is a big celebration in America and a chance to give thanks to friends. In her old school they would spend the week decorating boxes with a hole in the top. On Valentines Day they would bring along candy to put in all the boxes. To join in the celebration here Abigail brought along cupcakes to share with everyone in the class.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our Class Treaty

We made freeze frame statues today to show the rules we think are important to have in our classroom. Here is one that we have so far.

The Digi-nauts Hair colour bar graph

WALT: create a graph

Last week we made a graph to show the different types of eye colours in our class. George wondered if the graph would look the same if we did hair colours. This was our graph.

Black hair was the least with 5 people, brown was the next with 9 and blonde hair was the most with 11 people.

We decided that people with brown hair can have blue eyes too.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

What's this?

Logan brought in a strange flower today? Do you know what it is? Do you know what you can do with it?

Our Weekly Poem Spot

Poem by: Jill Eggleton
Poem Illustrated by: Ella

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Music with Jen

At music Jen asked us to use our ears an listen for sounds that were high or low, slow or fast. What about these 'thunder tubes'?

Handwritng kicks of with a blast!

This is Ella's Handwriting. She did a great job for her first time. I wonder why she coloured the 'Almost there' part of her target?

The Digi-nauts first Discovery Time

: have fun together
We know we can do this when we:
Take care of each other
Use a sensible volume
Have four people at each activity at a time

Reflections from our DT time...
I had fun with Zach building a sailboat. It was hard gluing the top on- Lachlan
I had fun playing with Zara at the water troff- Sophie B
I had fun playing at the water troff with Zara and Sophie. It was easy pretending to wash the pan-Abigail
I had fun playing with the hurdles with Cooper, Jett, Thomas and Lachlan because we had challenges to see who could go over the hurdles without knocking them over- George
I had fun playing with the marble track with Matthew and Tane. We had to make a big marble track and put lots in at the same time- Atlanta
I had fun making my fairy bread with Aria and Ella but I could not cut the shape- Zara
I had fun playing with the blocks with Ella and Ferg. We made a pool- Aria

Sunday, February 5, 2012

What did you do on Waitangi Day

Add a sticky to the wall about what you did with your family on Waitangi Day.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Custom Glitter Text

Have a great day with your families on Monday. See you back at school on Tuesday.

WALT: create and read a graph

WALT: create a graph on PhotoPeach
We went outside to make a human bar graph to find out which colour eyes were most popular in The Digi-nauts. We found out that Blue and Brown eyes had the most and green had the least.
We made our own bar graph about bookbag colours. We had to add a title, labels and numbers.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

sparkle -

Click the link below and follow the instructions to book a time that suits your family best.

Bookings close 20th February. Please see Ebony if you have any concerns or queries.

Self Portraits

WALT: create a self portrait
This is a practice sketch using pencil and crayons to help us find out different parts of our faces. We have used lines to show the patterns we found and mixing colours to show a more realistic picture of ourselves.
These are still under construction. Keep an eye out for the finished pieces coming soon.


Everyday after fitness we have brainfood. What do you have in your lunchbox for brainfood today?
plain popcorn
unsalted nuts