Sunday, July 29, 2012

London Olympics 2012- Opening Ceremony

Photo from Zimbio

Nick Willis carries the Flag and leads the New Zealand Olympic Team into the stadium.

 Visit this link from 3 news to see some highlights from the opening ceremony.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Greetings in Maori

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This term we have been learning a greeting. We say it everyday during the roll.

Kei te pehea koe?
(How are you)

Kei te_________au.
(I am__________)

Some words that we use to reply are:
  • pai- good 
  • harikoa- happy 
  • manahau- excited 
  • hiamoe- sleepy 

We are still learning some others!

So... Kei te pehea koe?

Student Led Conferences

We are looking forward to sharing our learning with our families this week at the Student Led Conferences. W have been practising how to talk about our learning goals and how we can improve. Here are some prompts that we use to help us...

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Poem of the week!

This week we did a poem about the Olympics starting soon. We chose these examples to share on the blog this week.

WALT: Measure with Non-standard units

Working Co-operatively

This week we have been learning about working co-operatively.

We made some art for our classroom and did an activity that helped us to understand what the phrase "Many hand make light work" means.

We had to get a number of team mates and a egg safely across the courts without letting them touch the ground. There were some safe spots (hoops) that we could use to rest along the way. We realised that we had to all work together to get the job done. In some cases we really got how 'many hands make light work'