Monday, August 27, 2012

Ferg Shares about Fencing

Today Ferg shared his presentation about fencing. It was really interesting and Ferg did a great job.

Things we liked about his presentation:
I liked the different colour on the title and how big it is. The olympic rings are cool
The layout is good because the pictures are spread out and easy to look at looked at the audience
the writing is interesting because it is straight and slanted
how you got information of the internet
he had good information and knows about his topic

What can he improve on next time:
speak a bit louder
look at the audience a bit more at the start
bigger, tidy writing might make it easier to read

WALT: Write to persuade

Purpose: To convince other people to change their mind.

Success Criteria:
Good Beginning
  • Title
  • tell us about the topic
Good Middle
  • Good points/ reasons
  • back up what you say/ prove your point
  • add detail/ use because/stretch out your idea
  • link to why it is important to you
  • use topic words 
Good Ending
  • summerise
  • question
  • pleading
Why we should have a pyjama day on Wednesday.

Dear Ebony
We should really really have a party because it will be really interesting and it will be fun playing with our teddies at school. It will be a fantastic day if we have it on Wednesday. It will be cool to wear our pyjamas and every one will be "wow look at those kids". We were a bit naughty at C.R.E. but we will start being good right now. Please, please, please, can we have are pyjamas day please.
From Jayde

Can we please have a pyjama party because I already know which teddy I'm bringing on Wednesday. We should have pyjama day on Wednesday because I think we have tried a lot last week and I promise we will be the best we can be and do the best we can do. Do you think we need it? I do. I think that way because we do lots of learning and I think it's worth it because on the mat I'm really quiet. And I'm going to try to listen to every little thing to do something special like pyjama day.
From Rilee

Saturday, August 25, 2012


On Friday we explored measurement of weight.
Write a comment about what you found you.

Reading this Week (Blue and Orange Group)

Read this news article from Kiwi Kids News. Write a comment on how the work that the two astronauts did that day were so important to 'mankind'.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Poem of the Week

Thomas illustrated our poem  'My Friend Bert' by Jill Eggleton.

Monday, August 20, 2012


We had a try last week on our own to make a pinwheel in five minutes. We all found it really hard and had to leave it unfinished. Today we worked together as a class and had the afternoon to make it.

We all showed determination to keep going when it was tricky, find some clues that could help you or ask someone for help. We all felt very proud when our pinwheels spun around in the wind.

Can you make one? Click on the link below and try one for yourself!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

WALT: measure the perimeter of a shape

What is the perimeter of this shape? How do you work it out?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Jeffery Shares about

Things we liked about his presentation:
the olympic rings are cool
the gold medal is interesting
loud voice
introduced your poster at the start and finished it of at the end
looked at the audience

Things he can improve next time:
clear voice
draw some pictures yourself
start my poster earlier so I can get it done in time
darker colour for the writing

Logan shares about Running at the Olympics

Things we liked about his presentation:

drew some of the pictures
used a flag for the background
pictures were from the internet, newspaper and you drew some
you made a number tag like the runners wear
clear voice, looked at the audience

Things he could work on next time:
filled up some of the space in the corner of your poster

Jayde shares about pole vault

Things we like about her presentation:
heaps of colour
drawn pictures of a person doing pole vault and the audience
good information on the back so you could read it while we looked at the pictures

Things that she can improve next time:
look at the audience more instead of your poster
read the words a bit slower
talk a bit clearer

Kai Shares about Boxing

Things we liked about his presentation:
easy to read font with a good background colour
animations were cool
lots of information
knew about the sport and could answer questions

Things he can improve next time:
look at the audience more
talk a bit louder

Sophie Shares about BMX Racing

Things we liked about her presentation:
good clear voice
good layout of your poster
cool photos
Things to improve:
larger text on the poster

Rilee shares about hockey

Things we liked about her presentation:
interesting colours
lots of information
hand drawn pictures

 Things she can work on next time:
louder voice

Atlanta shares about archery

Things we liked about her presentation:
Read out all her information
had a picture of herself doing archery
lots of cool pictures

Things she can improve next time:
face the audience
speak louder

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kylie shares about table tennis

Things we liked about her presentation:

put pictures up
did coloured pitcures
said heaps of information about table tennis
colourful text

 What can she improve for next time:
louder voice
clear voice
speak a bit louder
know a bit more about table tennis so you can answer questions
look at the audience more
you could drawn a picture

Rileigh-Kaye shares about Hockey

Things we liked about her presentation:

decorations and make bits for your poster.
the olympic rings look cool
the winners table to see what each player has won
the uniform is really cool.
It makes your poster stand out.
the background is black and white like the uniform
spoke really clearly

Things she can improve next time:
maybe a bit smaller poster so there are no spots with nothing
instead of all the information (17 pages you found) you could just put the basic rule on your poster.

Cooper shares about basketball

Things we liked about his presentation:
Basketball as a big title
drew his own pictures
colourful, bright and interesting to look at

Things he can improve next time
Put a picture of what a court looks like
louder clearer voice so we can hear at the back
a bit neater writing
coloured in your picture

Vincent shares about Shotput

Vincents presentation was a bit different. He had a jar of shotputs (chocolates) with his information like flags.

 Things we liked about his presentation:
The flags
the mini shotputs
olympic rings on the jar
A very imaginative and creative idea to use a jar with flags
We get to eat chocolates!

Things he can improve on next time:
your writing on the flags
talk just a little bit louder
clear voice all the time
talk about what you know and not just

Thomas shares about badminton

Things we liked about his presentation: Stars on the poster border and spikes around the writing labels and diagrams and picture he drew himself layout of the poster was good loud clear voice olympic rings were cool Things he can improve next time: writing could be a little bit neater looking at the audience more

Aria shares about gymnastics

Things we like about her presentation: pictures of medals decoration and colour on the poster olympic rings draw your own pictures clear voice Things she can improve next time: a bit louder voice look at the audience a bit bigger writing for the information

George shares about Beach Volley Ball

Things we liked:
Loud clear voice
Pictures of you doing the different hits
You made a little court so we know what it looks like the 3d picture

Things he can improve next time:
 close up photo of people playing
explain about the sport a bit more

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Zara shares about badminton

Things we liked about her presentation:
Clear voice
good size writing
background colours match the colour of the rings
information was really good
good pictures, not too many
fun transitions
talk to the audience about what you know and not just read from the computer

What could you improve next time:
Look at the audience more

Monday, August 6, 2012

Zach shares about Skeet Shooting

Things we like about his presentation:
Loud clear voice
Pictures were in a good order
have lots of detailed pictures
face the audience and you knew what you were talking about
layout of your poster was good
good colour of the title (the '2012' is in the ring colours)
chose good pictures
title of the paragraphs are in red
lots of time editing 

Things we think he could improve:
make your writing a bit bigger
draw some pictures myself

Sophie shares about Gymnastics

Things we liked about the presentation:
cool font
loud clear voice
title looks like its 3d
lots of colour in the background and in the writing. The frames for the photos are pretty cool
a picture that she drew was cool

Things she could improve for next time:
a little bit louder voice
print all the writing out from the computer

Abigail shares about gymnastics

Things we liked about her presentation:
The pictures on the back
Bubbles as borders around the word

Things she can improve next time:
Add more colour
Explain what the sport is and ad more information about the things you do.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Calais presented Rowing to the class

Things we liked: 
I liked the way your poster looked.
The background you used made it stand out.
It had good layout

Things she can improve next time: 
Colour the rings.

Tane talks about Swimming

Things we liked
Added lots of colour to your poster
Used a easy font to read
Loud clear voice
Good drawings Looked for information in lots of places including bits you already knew

Things he can improve
speak a little bit louder for people down the back
Use a different background colour so you can see your drawings better
make the writing a bit bigger.
talk to the audience and not the computer screen.

Olympic sharing from Liam

Liam shared his knowledge about Weightlifting.

Things we liked about his presentation:
Nice, clear, loud voice
Good information about what equipment they need and what they wear
drew some pictures.

Things he can improve next time:
Colour the pictures
know all the words and what you are saying about it.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Poem of the Week

This weeks poem is called the Olympics. It was created by some student in London for a poetry competition. It is done as an acrostic poem.

An acrostic poem is when you use the each letter of a word as the first letter of a sentence or word. Here it is...
Illustrated by Ella

Our challenge this week was to create our own acrostic poem about the olympics. Here are some examples...
 Created by Thomas
 Created by Aria

Lachlan Shares his Olympic Sport

Today Lachlan shared his learning about Taekwondoe. Here is some reflections that he and the class had...

Things that we liked about his presentation:
he had a title on each page
he explained the rules
 he gave really interesting information

 Things that he can work on for next time:
slow down so people can understand what he is talking about
look at the audience when he speaks.

Charlotte shares about an Olympic Sport

Charlotte shared what she found out about Judo.

Things we liked about her presentation: 
The picture she drew made it interesting
She told us what some of the words mean

Something she can improve for next time:
Using a louder voice

Turbos come to visit

Today we were lucky to have a couple of the Manawatu Turbos players visit to share a little bit about their sport. We asked them questions like how do you get to be a rugby player? Do you ever lose? and do you play any other sports?

We also got a poster and a form to sign up and become a Turbos Member. If we sign up we might be able to win a chance to have breakfast with the team. Go the Turbos!

Jett Shares about an Olympic Sport

Today we started our Olympic Sport share. Jett was happy to start us of. We all agreed that he did a great job at sharing the facts he knows about the Triathlon. Here it is with some of our reflections...

Things we liked about Jetts presentation:
Layout was really easy to see and read
He used good pictures to show the different sports
He used a loud clear voice

Something he can improve on next time:
He could draw some of his own pictures as well

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Olympic News- New Record

Click this link to the Kiwi Kids News site to read about a new record.