Friday, September 28, 2012

Poem of the Week

Here is our Poem of the week, illustrated by Sophie B.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Poem of the Week

This Weeks Poem is illustrated by Tane.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Important Notice!!!!

Tomorrow we will be taking photos the start our Photo Essays about determination. Unfortunately we can not access the pod cameras as they are need for a trip so I have asked the class could they bring along a digital camera that they have permission to use. If they can not access a camera or have permission or you are not comfortable with this they do not have to.  We will have some at school to use.

Any cameras brought along will be locked in Ebony's office for break times and when not in use. The owner will be the only one using the camera to ensure safety of the device.

Please include any download cord for transferring photos.

Ipods, ipads can be brought along for this purpose also.

Any queries please email Ebony.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

When have you shown Determination?

Today we shared example of times when we have shown determination...

I show determination when I went rock climbing. By Charlotte.  

My group all agreed on what which fort we should use. by Zara

I showed determination when I did cross country. by Zara

I showed determination when I was learning to do a flip on the trampoline. By Logan

I showed determination when I first did the weetbix triathlon  because I fell over then I got back up and I keeped doing Rileigh-Kaye.

I felt disappointed when my sister broke my lego building and it took a few days so I tried to build it
again and not give up. by Tane

I showed determination when i was running/biking/swimming in triathlon. by Atlanta

I showed determination when I banged my head when I was playing in the snow at Mt Routura. By George      

Thomas bumped into my leg by accident and hurt my sprained ankle. I was in serious pain and instead of giving up and going home I just did my work on the floor to elevate my ankle and rest it. by Lachlan

When we were drawing our bears I had a really bad circle but I didnt ask Ebony to fix it I fixed it myself. By Zara

We were doing the gator I fell over and my bottom was hurting but I kept on going. by Abigail

I showed determination when we were doing the pinwheels by myself. It was really hard but I did’nt give up  I just kept on trying. By Sophie

I kept trying on my olympics poster on the computer when I was researching. By Charlotte

I showed determination when I was at the lido when I was learning to swim. By Jeffery

I showed determination when I was painting my bear because I thought I was going to go out of the lines but I just tried. by Liam

I showed determination at handwriting. By Logan

I was scared and  worried about my presentation and then I tried it and it wasn’t so bad. By ferg

When Ebony said we were going to do flick  in handwriting I thought it would be hard but then I gave it a go and it was easy. by Thomas

Here is Sarah Walker sharing about her determination to win a medal at the Olympics.