Thursday, November 29, 2012

Poem of the week

Last week was Charlotte with her cool animals for the poem 'Old Farmer Figgins ' by Jill Eggleton.

This week, Sophie had the best poem illustration for the poem, 'Grumpy Grouch' by Jill Eggleton.
There's a Grumpy little grouch
and he gets inside of me
I don't like him being there!
I don't like his company!
He makes me groan and grizzle
and go thumping with my feet.
He makes me grouch and grumble
at everyone I meet!
He makes my face all growly
and my lips go poking out!
And he will not let me whisper,
he will only let me SHOUT!

this grumpy little grouch
doesn't hang around for long.
He'll vanish like a raindrop
when I sing a happy song!


This term in the pool we are learning about water safety in time for the holidays and the summer weather. Here we are learning how to keep ourselves a float. We tried: sculling (in sitting position and floating on our backs) using buckets to hold ourselves up using aids to get pulled to safety. Next we will be learning about how to move with a current to save energy.


Mo-vember 2012 Today was the great Mo-vember celebration where winners of the Mo parade got to have a turn shaving of Nic's (Rm 9 Teacher) and Stephen's (Georges Dad) Mustaches. Nic even shaved of his hair. It was all for a great cause, fundraising for Mens health. We made our own fancy Mo's for the parade. What fun!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Last Friday we made Iceblocks as part of our focus in writing. We are learning about procedural writing and following instructions.

First we had to decide what things we would need to bring from home to make our iceblocks.

Ebony's rule was that if it was not on the list we couldn't use it. Luckily we all put things like fruit squeezers, bowls, knives and spoons on our list!

The next day we made our mixture and poured into the trays ready for the freezers. Some people had milky berry iceblocks and some were fruity. Along the way we took a photo so it showed each step we took to make them.

We couldn't wait for the next day when they were frozen and ready for eating....what would they taste like?

The big day was here, we shared each step with the class using the comic life we created.

Next we had to follow instructions from the internet on how to make a paper cup to hold our iceblocks.

It was awesome because we got to try each others as well, deeeeeelicious!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Solar Eclipse

Today was a Solar Eclipse. George's Dad brought in a special screen that protects your eyes and makes it easier to see the sun. When we looked through it we could see how the moon traveled in front of the sun making it look like a different shape.

Do you know what happens during an eclipse?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Poem of the Week

Our Poem this week was "Fire, Fire" By Wendy Clarke.

Jayde's illustration was chosen to showcase it on the blog. Well done Jayde. We like how you had no mosquito holes and lots of detail.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Poem of the Week

Sophie W. was a fantastic learner this week who correctly completed all the poem activities, she was also organised with her poem book and she created an amazing illustration.

Sophie was the Poem Illustrator of the week last week as well!  Welldone Sophie!