Monday, August 26, 2013

Yellow Groups Reading about Cave Drawings

Kowhai Group click this link and have a read...

At school, share what you have found out about early paintings. It may help with our science experiments.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


What does that mean?

Check out some of these websites to find out more...

Parakaraka, kahurangi and kowhai...check this article out for your reading tonight:

Digital Dudes: What does this message say? Use the keyboard to solve it.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Poem of the week

Well done to Qwade whose illustration got chosen to this weeks poem on the blog. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Paint Molecules and Water Molecules

In our experiment today we asked...

"What happens to paint when we add water?"

  1. The paint colour will go thinner and lighter
  2. The paint will go runnier. 

First we painted a strip with red paint.
Than we added 25mls of water and stirred the paint to paint the next strip. We kept going like this until all the strips were done.
Can you see what happened to the paint?

We found out that some strips were almost the same but mostly that we were right about the paint going thinner and lighter.

Digital Dudes: What happened to the paint for it to go thinner and lighter? What is the science at work here? 

Heres a hint...think about the model that Joy showed us with the rice (that were the water molecules) and the blocks (which were the paint molecules).

Fletcher asked the question: What is the right amount of water to create paint that will spread enough and colour the paper?

 Good question...I wonder how we could find out?


Today we did an experiement showing how evaporation works.

Digital Dudes: Can you explain the science of what happens when paint dries?

You might need to use words like...

  • evaporation
  • molecules or atoms
  • gas
  • liquid
  • water
  • paint
See below for some ideas to help you explain it more...

We learned more about what molecules are. Check out this short movie that helps explain atoms and molecules.

This website shows what happens to the atoms (or molecules) in water  when the temperature is changed. What the temperature on the graph change as the water changes from a solid to a liquid then to a gas.

Did you see it? Refresh the page and watch it again.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Grasshopper Tennis

Today we had our first Grasshopper Tennis session with Big John. We had loads of fun and learnt some cool tricks with the tennis rackets. 

Poem of the week

This week our Poem was What's a quarter. Azahra's illustration was chosen to showcase the poem on our class blog.  Do you know how many quarters make a half?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Assmebly Tomorrow

Rm 13 and 14 will be hosting assembly tomorrow. All family and friends are welcome to check out our learning.

Remember Digital Dudes to wear your costumes from Monday if you can.

See you all there!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Being Responsible is being Honest

In our class we have talked about how you can show responsibility. In this story, the main character showed responsibility by owning up to a mistake he had made.

Thanks to Nic, Eva and Luca for sharing this great story with us.

How do you show responsibility if you see something happening that is wrong?

Russell Street in the News

Read this article... Proud Librarian thrilled with the Hub.

Can you find some interesting facts?

In the Parakaraka reading group WALT Ask questions about the text we read. Here is a question we asked ourselves...

Why is Jean so special and special to our library?
  • Because she has been working in our library for 36years.
  • Shes started in the library in 1977. Thats a long time ago.
  • She has been there fore a quarter of her life.
  • Jean knows her way around the library. She is a library expert.
  • It might be a world record that we have a 89 year old librarian working at our school.
  • She looks more like 60.
  • She walks to school everyday. She is energetic.
  • She is smart because she reads lots of books and she know where to find them.
  • She thinks it good to keep children reading. 
  • We think that she likes to encourage kids to read.
  • She must like reading

Monday, August 5, 2013

Korero Mai RSS Style

Hey guys, check out the newest installment of Korero Mai RSS Style.

WALT: say numbers in Te Reo Maori up to 20.

Thanks Rosie and Rm 12 for helping us with our learning....