Sunday, September 1, 2013

Discovering Capacity

WALT: read and use measurements.

Moon Dough
Ricebubble Cakes
Blog Links

  • Take care of each other
  • Take care of the equipment
  • no more than four at at each  activity
  • use quiet/ inside voices

Here are our reflections...
fatter is bigger than taller (Fletcher)
we were a bit confused about the how much water would fit in the glasses (Nikolai)
the 8 held the most moon dough (Hunter)
the cornflour went solid when we put more in the water (Qwade)
It looks really wet but its actually solid (Hunter)
When we put too much water in the oobleck it went all gooey so we put more cornflour in (Annaliese)
We forgot about the recipe it turned out ok (Fletcher)
My one was a bit cold because I put a bit too much milk in and less hot water (Memphis)
I put  half a cup of hot water in and it turned out really good. Just the right temperature to drink (Atlanta)
I put the right amount in but I didnt do the right hotness for the water and it turned out cold (Ruby)
When we put all the ingredients in the milo it turned out yum but it went really white (Maria)
When we put it in the microwave it was still gard so we had to put it in for longer. We had to do it for three times (Atlanta)
It kind of tasted a bit different than I suspected it tasted more like honey than rice bubbles (Bridget)
We by accident did the wrong thing and put the honey into the ricebubbles instead of the butter so we had to take it out. It looks like it will still work out. (Sophie)
It was hard to stir the honey and butter mixture into the ricebubbles. (Azahra)