Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Buddy Challenge Day

I liked it when we got to make a mountain and climb up the parachute (Georgia T)

I liked the game where our buddy had to take us through the bombs because it was tricky, but I got through it (Katelyn)

My favourite bit was the firemans bucket where we ran with our buddy (Meihana)

I like the firemans bucket with because I tripped up and all the water went over my head (Cam)

Making the tent was fun because I like building (Josh)

I had the best buddy because she was really reliable and gave good instructions in the minefield. (Ben)

Were all on for Wednesday!!!!! Buddy Challenge is going to be on Wednesday 13th April. Lets hope it is as lovely tomorrow as I was today.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Discovery TIme

What a busy discovery time today. We had the water troff, puppets, trains, and the Science gear. The dinoscope was a huge hit as we were scientists looking at bugs. Georgia and Maia even had a Praying Mantis that we think it might have babies on the way. We also made paper lanterns and Easter Bunny mallow puffs. Check out some of the action.

Monday, April 4, 2011

All Stars News Spot

Last week was Rachels last day and we had a party with our buddy class where we played some party games. It was Liams birthday yesterday and we sang him happy birthday. We have really enjoyed doing lots of art. At the moment we are making autumn trees. Ebony said we have to make it without a paintbrush. So we smooshed the paint inside a piece of paper. Today we will be adding some leaves. I wonder how we will do that?