Here you will find some links to articles for this weeks reading. Click the link and respond...

Week 8- The Worlds Biggest Burger. (Kiwi Kids News)
Response Activity: Design a burger by making a list of all the ingredients you would need. Add a picture and put it into a blog post.

Week 10- 98 year old message in bottle found

Response Activity- What would your Message say? Create your own Message in a bottle. Post the letter on your blog.

Week 11- Valerie gets Olympic Gold

Response Activity- Write a post on your blog about a time that you have won or achieved something you were really proud about.

Response Activity- Video yourself and a buddy doing the Gangnam style dance. Create a movie with soundtrack on garageband with the rest of your reading group.

Week 2- Man invents cardboard bike
Response Activity- can you use block, wood, paper or other things around the classroom to create a cog that works like a bike wheel. Take a photo or movie to stick on your blog.

Week 3- Trampoline Bridge in Paris

Response Activity- Use materials from around the classroom to design and create an interesting bridge that will hold 1kg.

Response activity- Make a wordle about the hurricane and post it on your blog.

Response Activity- Can you make your own record and see if your friends can beat it. It might be how many cards you can stack or laps around the courts. Post your thoughts on your blog.


  1. This has a lot of facts that tout me a lot. I love that you posted this post. This is a good post to learn off of because it has tout mea lot. I hope there are more posts like this

  2. This is a insading adicle and that is a very old jar that got sent I wonder how old he was when he found it

  3. This is intreisting because it is about older then the person who found it and it has heaps and heaps of facts totally it has read it it's got loads of facts