Sunday, October 30, 2011

Maia S goes to the Zoo

Click on the photo to find out about Maia's trip to the zoo in the holidays. Looks like you saw some really amazing things Maia!

How to draw the cloak tower.

Maia B and Georgia O made an animation all by themselvves at independant learning time. Have a look and give them some feedback that will help them with their next animation.

Monday, October 24, 2011

First Day Back @ school

I enjoyed writing because I wrote a really good story about the Rugby World Cup...and we WON! Zac
I enjoyed on the first day back at school playing with my friends. Katelyn
I enjoyed seeing the classroom and catching up with my learning. Jacob
I enjoyed doing art. Georgia T
I enjoyed going back to school because I got to talk to my friends. Kate
I liked going to the harakeke to draw a picture. Milania
On the first day back at school I enjoyed doing art in the afternoon. Ben
I enjoyed doing maths because we learned about dividing, which means sharing. Hannah
I enjoyed reading today because we got to search about the oil spill and the All blacks. Bella

Monday, October 3, 2011

Production last night

I felt scared because I thought I was going to mess up- Maia B
I was scared on stage because it was dark at first- Meihana
I was happy when people laughed and cheered for me on my trike- Katelyn
I wasn't scared because I couldn't see the people- Ruby
I was kinda creepy because there was millions of people but we couldn't really see them and I had to stand up all by myself- Josh
I was terrified because I thought I would muck up what I was saying in the microphone- Ben
I was I was kind of used to going on stage because I do drama- Bella
I was ok standing up and smiling at the crowd because I knew that the crowd would like it even if I did something wrong- Maia S
I thought that the crowd clapped and cheered because they liked it and they laughed at Billy T James because it was funny- Georgia O
I wasn't embarrassed because no one laughed at me- Zac

I am really proud of all of you All Stars. You all worked extremely hard to remember your part and get your costumes and props ready. I also loved how you all had lots of fun on stage. Tino pai rawa!!!!- Ebony